Woocommerce Product Queries

Bricks Builder has a feature called the Query Loop which can be added to various containers. The Query Loop lets you turn any container or block into a repeating list. Information is pulled directly from your database in these queries allowing you to build your own lists and archives.

More information on the Query Loop can be found on Bricks Academy.

Utilizing this feature, Screenflicker for Bricks has created a few custom Woocommerce product queries. These queries are:

  • Best Sellers
  • Top Rated Products, and
  • Free Products


The Woocommerce query types only work with Woocommerce at this time. You will need the free Woocommerce plugin and Screenflicker Bricks in order to use them.

How to use custom query types

Make sure you have Screenflicker Bricks installed and activated. Then log into the Screenflicker for Bricks settings page by going to your WordPress admin Dashboard and going to the Screenflicker for Bricks settings page. Our settings page is a submenu under the Bricks menu.

When you’re on Screenflicker for Bricks settings page, click on the “Woocommerce Settings” tab.

If Woocommerce Queries is not enabled, click the toggle button to enable it.

Click “Save Settings” and open your page or template in Bricks Builder.

Add a “Container” element to your page where you want to place the list.

Turn on “Use Query Loop” to enable the query control options.

In the query controls (infinity symbol), click on the “Type” dropdown and select “Screenflicker Woo Queries”.

Close the query type control popup and select which query you want to use from the “Type of query” dropdown menu.

The other controls for these custom Woocommerce queries are explained below in the “Controls” section.

With the selected query and other controls set, you can add child elements to the container to design how the looping block should look. You can add text, images, prices, buttons, and many other elements to be included in the loop. Set the properties on each of them with dynamic tags.


All of the Woocommerce query types (Best Sellers, Top Rated, Free) have the same controls.

Query – Sets the type of query being run. Choose “Screenflicker Woo Queries” to get the custom options.

Type of query – Dropdown menu with all custom queries listed. This sets what results will be returned from the database.

  • Best Sellers: Returns the products with the most sales
  • Top Rated Products: Returns products with the highest ratings in descending order
  • Free Products: Returns a list of products with the price set to zero dollars

Number of items to show – Sets how many results are returned from the database for the query. Default is 4.

Category – Sets the category the query should run against. Can be left blank if you wish to get results from all categories. Default is blank.

Show Out of Stock – Enable this toggle to include Out of Stock items in the results list. Default is disabled.