You can find instructions on how to download and install Screenflicker for Bricks for use on your WordPress website here: Installation instructions

The installation document outlines where you can find your license code after purchase plus how to add the plugin to your website.

Activating your plugin

In order to use the Screenflicker for Bricks add-on elements for Bricks Builder, you need to activate it with your license. Read the instructions on activating the plugin page to learn more.

How do I use the elements and queries included in Screenflicker Bricks?

Use the sidebar navigation menu to read documentation on all the included elements and queries.

Each element is listed out and includes information on how to enable it, how to add it to your page, and a description of all the options.

Where are the elements in Bricks Builder?

Once you have Screenflicker for Bricks installed and activated, where can you find the elements?

When you launch Bricks Builder there will be a new section in the element panel under the heading “Screenflicker.” This is where all the elements from this plugin will be listed.

List of collapsable sections forming a menu

Something missing?

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