Wordpress Plugin: Random Terms w/ Posts

The Random Terms with Random Posts plugin is built for the Wordpress blogging platform. This page outlines the usage techniques as well as details the available options and how to use them.


In order to properly use this plugin, you'll need to ensure the theme files for your site are editable (chmod -R 777 via UNIX geekery, or get info through a FTP app and allow Read, Write, and Execute).

This plugin can be used in two different ways:

Optional Parameters

There are several optional parameters you can use when calling the Random Terms w/ Random Posts plugin. Anything from the number of posts to get, which term/category to get posts from, all the way down to posts using a specific custom field.

Note: The parameters must be called in the order they are listed below. An example of calling the plugin with all the parameters will be at the bottom of this list.

An Example

If you wanted to specify the optional parameters, you would call the plugin like so:

<?php echo ms_random('ul', 'h2 class="test"', true, 8, '', 'foo', 'bar'); ?>

In this example, the plugin would:

Download the Plugin

Download version 0.7

Version history

Version 0.7 — November 13, 2007

Version 0.6 — November 9, 2007

Version 0.5 — October 23, 2007

Version 0.4.3 — March 23, 2007

Version 0.4 — January 18, 2007

Version 0.3 — March 25, 2006

Version 0.2.5 — January 10, 2006

Version 0.2.3 — November 14, 2005